Hub City Softball

Aberdeen, South Dakota

Welcome to the Hub City Softball Association's Resource for finding information in each of the association's member softball leagues.  You can find information regarding; schedules, standings, rosters, tournaments, and other interesting tidbits.  Feel free to look around!

What is the Hub City Softball Association?

The Hub City Softball Association is an organization in Aberdeen, SD made up of representatives from various softball leagues in the Aberdeen Community.  These leagues include; Aberdeen Men's 12" Softball, Aberdeen Women's 11" Softball, Mens' 14" Softball, Church League Softball, and the fall season Co-Ed Softball League.

The Hub City Softball Association works closely with the South Dakota Umpires Association, The City of Aberdeen's Parks & Recreation Department, and other entities to address the interests, needs, and plans for softball in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

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