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Alcohol Policy

The city of Aberdeen has and enforces an ordinance that does not allow outside beer/alcohol onto the complex grounds.  Beer may be purchased at the Hub City Softball's Concession Stand.  There are a number of options for purchasing:

Lights Out

Teams should be prepared for the lights to be out and concessions to close down approximately 15 minutes after the last game ends.  The complex has security lights to assist with maneuvering throughout the complex at the end of the evening.  

Dugout Maintenance

The League and the Hub City Softball Association ask that teams take a moment to clean up their dugout after they are done with it.  This helps to maintain the health and safety of the complex and to keep it looking great.  Our league has been good about this in the past, and is a source of pride when compared to teams outside our organization.  Keep up the good work!  It is recognized and appreciated!

Music at the Fields

Softball League is supposed to be a fun activity, with friends, sportsmanship, and good competition.  In 2023, teams voted to allow music to be played in the dugouts, at a volume that does not allow it to be heard on the field.  For this "rule" to work, teams must be able to regulate their use of music in the dugouts while respecting the atmosphere of the game in front of them, and the enviornment around them.  In worse case scenarios, the volume of music would prevent teams from hearing each other or the umpire on the field (volume too high) or the music is explicit and loud, as to offend fans, kids, parents, and other patrons of the complex.  This "rule" works best when everyone takes responsibility for their dugout and respects all those around them.  This year, if a team is playing music in the dugout, and the volume is judged to be too loud, then the team will receive one warning.  If the team does not adjust following the warning, an out will be given to the team for their next turn at bat.  If, after the second infraction, there is no change, the game is forfeited by the offending team and suspension will be imposed by the League's Officials.  Bottom line:  Have fun, play some music if you want, be respectful!!


The new Players South Complex comes complete with digital scoreboards that utilize an app from a phone or another electronic device to turn on, reset, keep score, and maintain the game clock.  In general, the home team will be in charge of running the scoreboard.  In the event that the application and associated phone cannot connect to the scoreboard from the dugout they are in, the visiting team should be asked to control the score board.  To get the application, simply download "DAK Score" app from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (Apple Products).  The application does not require a password to connect and the scoreboards are labeled according to the field the team is on.

Your League Officials

Hub City 12" Softball has four League Officers that share in developing, running, and coordinating all activities related to The League.  These positions are two-year terms.  When a new person is elected into a position, they will serve as position-elect for the season they are elected in and start their new term the following season.  These positions are voted on during the spring league meeting.  Your current officers are:

Mike Hauge - League President (up for re-election in 2026)

JB Bourelle - League Vice President (up for re-election in 2025)

Dewey Tullar - League Treasurer (up for re-election in 2026)

Josh Phillips - League Secretary (up for re-election in 2025)