Forms and Docs

Get the 2023 Winter Meeting Agenda and get information all managers need to get into and start the 2023 Hub City 12" Softball Season.  Includes fee information, start dates, and tournament dates.

Offer us some feedback on the 2023 season and your thoughts and ideas on the coming 2024 season.

View the 2024 Season Flyer including the dates for the upcoming organizational meetings.

Complete this Google Form to get on the Free Agent Listing so teams looking for players can find you

This link connects you to the 2024 Online Team Registration Form to get you on the list of interested teams.  Does not require downloading or printing anything.

Click on this button to get the 2024 downloadable, printable Team Registration document and then get it to a league official ASAP

Download a 2024 Official Team Roster and Waiver Form.  This form needs to be completed and turned in by Thursday April 25th, 2024. 

Click here to get a downlaodable PDF of the 2023 Schedule (2024 Coming Soon!)